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Environmentally friendly and innovative

Sustainability and economic efficiency are not empty buzzwords for ARNO DESIGN, but part of our DNA. And we have been doing so for 30 years.

Our exhibition stands and hall concepts are usually not only intended for one-time use, but are developed and built modularly for follow-up exhibitions and demanding conversions.

For 3 decades we have been working on sustainable design concepts to make the trade fair world environmentally friendly, diverse and attractive.

For us, this also means: No compromises in design quality!

The possibilities for implementing innovative and functionally convincing ideas here are endless. The size of the budget often plays only a subordinate role.

We have developed modular systems that are used again and again at a wide variety of trade fairs and congresses. They can be set up flexibly and are therefore independent of the size and nature of the exhibition hall. Our prefabricated systems also save a lot of packaging material, which is produced in large quantities during new production.

Our exhibition systems can be rented across trade fairs via a specially developed material-sharing platform. Our depots for furniture and prefabricated stands are always located near trade fairs in order to keep transport routes and delivery times as short as possible.

The selection of sustainable materials for production is of central importance to Arno Design.

This includes not only the use of environmentally friendly or recycled materials, but also for the use of particularly high-quality and durable construction elements and furniture.

For elaborate large-scale projects, additional double-storey systems, glass parapets, lighting and multimedia technology are rented from partner companies if required.

The decisive factor here is to always be up to date and to be able to offer our customers the latest technology.