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And that for almost 30 years. In partnership we stand by our clients as a “full service” design agency for brand and trade show appearances, as well as event architecture.

Our mission – sophisticated design that does justice to your brand, real and virtual. Perfectly modular, budget-optimized and sustainable at the same time.

Our bandwidth as a powerful task force, from conception to implementation makes classic advertising agencies superfluous when it comes to the presentation and comprehensibility of a brand. Because Arno Design combines creativity, all necessary trades and the necessary know-how under one roof.


We develop the right design for you, independent, well thought-out and always of high quality. This guarantees a high recognition value at every trade fair, but also the successful staging of brand and space.

Sustainability and cost-effectiveness have always been an essential part of our conceptual work. Already in the 90s Arno Design intensively dealt with the reusability of materials and developed a rental module concept called “RENT A UNICATE”. At that time, this was absolutely new territory in trade fair construction.

Today, modularity and material sharing in trade fair design, as well as PRE BUILT concepts in the field of event architecture in particular, are the be-all and end-all for us in every new development. Because for us, trade fair construction is also as reusable and modular as possible as temporary architecture!


We maintain a close exchange with our customers, are open to criticism and to additions from other sides. This gives us the advantage to create a common ground with our customers and to exceed their expectations in most cases.

A multifaceted perspective and our many years of experience take into account all aspects of a project and make it easier to develop concepts together with the customer, make budget recommendations and prepare transparent offers. Our view of the big picture also opens up opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling.