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New urban space concepts

It is not only for our clients that we are allowed to venture into exciting design projects.
For our new office spaces, too, we have exclusively implemented our own designs.

Bürogestaltung & Raumkonzept

Interior Spaces rethought: Office design with a feel-good atmosphere

Our office has to combine various functions in a modern look. The team’s wish: an open and flexible interior design that creates space for both meetings and customer discussions. At the same time, the office design should reflect our design affinity and give a taste of our capabilities. What is required here is architecture that makes optimal use of every space, shines in terms of design, and is happy to use unconventional means to achieve your goal.

Office design that is visually and functionally convincing

The loft area is divided several times, but clearly structured. Thus, even the individual offices are separated only by a glass frame construction, so that an open feeling of space still prevails. In our Open Workspace, a large archaic-looking work table made of wood is the ideal solution. Individually made, it can be used multifunctionally: For lunch, team meetings or joint discussions.

Bürogestaltung & Raumkonzept
Bürogestaltung & Raumkonzept

Exceptional office design for exceptional design ideas

The most important goal remains that the office radiates a homely but stimulating atmosphere, so that our teams can be creative even under stressful conditions:

The right coordination of color and material supports this purpose as much as possible. Lamps made from recycled PET bottles by Spanish designer Alvaro Catalan de Ocon and select vintage furniture reflect our commitment to sustainability here. An additional color accent is the felt covering on some walls, which perfectly combine visual appeal, acoustics and old-school functionality as a pin wall.

Convincing right from the start: The entrance area as a highlight

The entrance area to our Munich offices in Bavaria Straße was designed by “Klebebande Berlin” as a full-surface tape art room graphic. The motif of the impressive wall installation: a modern representation of the Medusa, which was our trademark in the early years of ARNO DESIGN, and is still our mascot.

Bürogestaltung & Raumkonzept
Bürogestaltung & Raumkonzept