• With our design, we bring heart and mind together.

    “Our design is independent, elaborate, and of high quality – and it’s always good for a positive surprise. At the same time our concepts do have a very specific signature: our strong commitment not only provides for visibility but also for a high recall value.”

    Claus Neuleib, Managing Director, ARNO Design

  • People, brand, product –
    our design for Julius Blum brings together what belongs together.

     For Julius Blum’s new booth, our design is creating a very special combination of people, brand and product. By high-contrast interaction of visibility and invisibility, dimension and detail, as well as wood and aluminium, we are forming a unique atmosphere.

  • Sipgate – Experience the new working in reality.

    With our design concept bringing the setting of Sipgate’s headquarters to Cebit, we demonstrate how the new working is changing professional routine, as it features the top-modern workspace for business telephony. Highlights are the lounge and bar, as well as elements designed in an industrial look. Yes, working can be as pleasant as this.

  • roomours placed into the perfect light.

    Our idea to use surfaces with a merely graphical design for the staging of brand and product turns this booth into an eye-catching highlight. Products are being presented masterly using spots painted in various colours of the company’s CI, extending across the entire facade and down to the floor.

  • At GEORG ET AREND, fashion and trade show design are going hand in hand.

    The imagination to be in the open public but at the same time behind closed doors has been our guiding idea for GEORG ET AREND. The shop’s atmosphere should resemble a private dressing room and should create a feeling of privacy across all areas.

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