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Client: LEGO

Trade fair Nuremberg
Exhibition stand: 1.000m²

“Only when tangible tension is created, a trade fair appearance becomes a brand statement”.

Peter Haberlander, ARNO Design

A flexible trade fair stand that is anything but temporary

The exhibition stand at the Nuremberg Toy Fair, which is over 1000 pm in size, remains permanently installed in the hall, yet it is flexibly changeable, because it should be able to adapt to the most diverse program requirements and always be redesigned for the presentation of product innovations.

The entrance, under the oversized iconic Lego building block, represents the “sluice” to the Lego world. Past the company founder’s motto “Only the best is good enough” and the wall-filling logo made of 12,000 minifigures, the path leads directly into the imaginatively designed theme gallery.

There, elaborately designed presentation stages for the individual product lines are lined up, on which figures and models are staged with the matching motif image as background. A world of experience that makes you forget what’s going on outside.

Trade show Exhibition design design inspired by the “Yellow Brick Road”…

…from the movie “The Wizard of Oz”, a mysterious path leads through this exhibition area. The path is not straight, but changes direction again and again, creating new interesting perspectives.

An “earthquake crack” in the ceiling, which corresponds with the luminous strip in the floor, gives this product staging something excitingly adventurous.

Working Lounge in Lego Look

At the end of the path, you reach the lounge-like working area. The bright and inviting space quotes the material, colors and shapes of the famous building blocks. Key account booths are arranged on the sides for more discreet negotiations while maintaining the greatest possible openness.

The exhibition stand combines a self-confident brand statement through emotional and striking signals with a modular changeable stage for the current product range in the respective year.