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Shopfitting in munich

“Trade fair stand design is like shopfitting. Only at speed. So it’s nice when, as with GEORG ET AREND, you can create something that lasts for once.”

Claus Neuleib, ARNO Design

Bürogestaltung & Raumkonzept

Store design that stands out through exclusive concepts

When designing stores, we can make perfect use of our many years of experience in trade fair construction. The biggest difference to trade show design: we don’t just create a short and one-time appearance, but a lasting experience. For GEORG ET AREND we have thus developed an individual concept for their store in Munich.

The idea of publicity behind closed doors was our guiding principle for this exclusive retail store. The atmosphere of the store should resemble a private dressing room and create a feeling of intimacy in all areas.

Design that offers more than mere product presentation

For GEORG ET AREND a large multifunctional cube was created in the center of the space. Hidden inside are the cash register, the dressing room, layaway items such as jewelry and belts, and storage with a refrigerator and coffee maker.

The noble paneling cleverly hides what is inside. And yet, thanks to drawers, flap doors and large doors, the cube can be opened and closed at any time and at any place. A concept that convinces through functionality and aesthetics.

Bürogestaltung & Raumkonzept
Bürogestaltung & Raumkonzept

Optimized use of space for a great shopping experience

To meet the demands of the couture label GEORG ET AREND, Arno Design has created a high-quality private dressing room. Even more – like the areas of a villa, the store is divided into two sections: Into a “public” salon for the pret-á-porter line and a “private” salon for couture

Close cooperation with the customer – this is how convincing store concepts are created together

In trusting and goal-oriented cooperation with GEORG ET AREND, an interior was created that is perfectly tailored to the client’s exclusive clientele. Due to the close exchange during the entire design and construction process, all wishes and budget specifications could be taken into account.

The result was an unobtrusive, private atmosphere, thought out down to the smallest detail, not really for shopping, but for dressing, feeling good and being looked after appropriately. Noblesse oblige.

Bürogestaltung & Raumkonzept
Bürogestaltung & Raumkonzept