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Georg ET Arend

Shop Munich

Shop-Gestaltung, Ladenbau, München - GEORG ET AREND
Nehmen Sie Platz - im ganz privaten Ankleidezimmer.
“Temporary trade fair design has a very special fascination. But when you can create something permanent, as GEORG ET AREND has done, you are all the more delighted.”
Claus Neuleib, ARNO Design

From trade fair construction to shopfitting.
Because we connect everything that forms understanding.

When designing a trade fair stand, it is a huge advantage to bring together all facets and trades that make a brand, its products and its message understandable under one roof. Because it’s all about unique positioning, speed and efficiency. And that for only a short time and in direct competition.

So it’s all the better if we can contribute all our experience in shopfitting for a longer experience and understanding.

It’s the details that shape the big picture.
Because we love detail and always keep an eye on the overall view.

The atmosphere of GEORG ET AREND shops should resemble a private dressing room and create a feeling of privacy in all areas. To achieve this goal, the design had to be understated as well as conceptualised.

A large cube forms the centre of the room, which looks like a wardrobe thanks to clever panelling on all sides. However, if you open the cube, it conceals the checkout, the changing room, items such as jewellery and belts as well as the storage area with fridge and cheese machine. The panelling can be opened and closed in a wide variety of places and offers countless storage options, whether drawers, flap doors or large doors.

Design is when heart and mind are in harmony.
Because our design brings heart and mind together.

To meet the demands of the couture label GEORG ET AREND we have designed a very high-quality private dressing room. What’s more, we divided the store into two areas, like the areas of a villa: a “public” salon for the pret-á-porter line and a “private” salon for the couture line.

We have created an unobtrusive, private ambience down to the smallest detail, where you are not just there to shop, but to get dressed, feel comfortable and be properly looked after. Noblesse oblige.

Everything tailor-made.
Because we form a focussed team with our customers.

GEORG ET AREND stands for the highest quality and elegance in the modern zeitgeist. Exclusivity, personal proximity and discretion were of great importance here.

The trusting cooperation was essential for us in the development and realisation of a shop fitting concept that was not to be ordinary, but much more unique like the collection itself. And customised, of course.


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Das aufgeräumte Konzept eines gut gefüllten Kleiderschranks.
Offene Trennung zwischen Pret-á-porter-Linie und Haute Couture.
Das Understatement der Marke perfekt zum Ausdruck bringen.