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Shop-Gestaltung, Ladenbau, München - GEORG ET AREND
Nehmen Sie Platz - im ganz privaten Ankleidezimmer.

Munich-based fashion designer Gabriele Blachnik is known for working with fine and exclusive fabrics. With a team of 30 employees, she transforms her ideas into a couture and prét-à-porter collection and designs outfits for well-known film and television stars such as Anke Engelke and Veronica Ferres. Last year, she commissioned ARNO Design to redesign her 175 square metre shop in Munich, which dispensed with a conventional design. Instead of the usual parade of sleeves in the shops, ARNO Design created small decorative “stages” that immediately catch the eye when entering the shop.
Instead, the hanging garments were placed in the shop window and, with a glass rear wall, also provide a decorative surface to the outside. For prominent customers who want to shop undisturbed in a personal atmosphere, ARNO Design created the option of dividing the shop space into a separate “dressing room” using sliding elements. The colour scheme of purple and mud and the discreet interior were also intended to emphasise the exclusive character of the shop.


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Shop Munich

Das aufgeräumte Konzept eines gut gefüllten Kleiderschranks.
Offene Trennung zwischen Pret-á-porter-Linie und Haute Couture.
Das Understatement der Marke perfekt zum Ausdruck bringen.