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Hall concept Polygon 

Trade fair Munich

INHORGENTA | Halle C2 - Award
INHORGENTA | Halle C2 - Award

In 2017, Arno Design once again took on the concept, planning and design of various special areas and restaurants as well as the design of an entire hall for the world’s leading sporting goods trade fair “ISPO” in Munich.

ISPO POLYGON is a sustainable full-service concept that includes project management, implementation, logistics and exhibitor support as well as a webshop managed by us.

The concept of “Hall B6 – Polygon” is based on the consistent dissolution of classic trade fair and hall structures, with the vertical presentation area replacing the classic stand area. The individual exhibitor areas within the hall are defined by folded, honeycomb-like facades. This open, inviting and dynamic design not only picks up on the lifestyle of the industry, but also adds weight to the overall concept. The irregular structures grow upwards along the hall walls, creating a frame that provides additional excitement through this change of axis and offers an ideal presentation area for the exhibitor. 

The screen-printed panels used give the hall an urban character thanks to their industrial quality and also reflect ecological and economic aspects thanks to their robustness and reusability. This also means that no further surface treatments in the form of paints etc. are necessary. The modular design also enables adaptations or additions to be made to meet different requirements without any major impact on the cost structure.
The product carriers are attached directly to the load-bearing façade and thus offer the possibility of customised product presentation. Alternatively or as a supplement, a variant detached from this structure on free-standing presentation elements is of course also possible. Exhibitor-specific systems can of course also be used here.

In addition to the polygon concept (exhibitor solutions), the centre aisle of Hall B6 was also designed. This is divided into four areas: Community Lounge Bar, Highlight Presentation “Bob Ross”, Influencer Club Lounge and Monochrom City. 


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Trade fair Munich




Hall B6

INHORGENTA | Halle C2 - Award
INHORGENTA | Halle C2 - Award
INHORGENTA | Halle C2 - Award