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Company headquarters of Sto AG in Stühlingen/Weizen.

“Intensive examination of the task, concentration on a clear, tailor-made concept and personal contact for the best possible implementation.”

Peter Haberlander, ARNO Design


History meets avant-garde – a showroom with a sense of history

In a planning and construction period of around two years, the Sto Infofactory, a presentation and information center for national and international trade visitors, has been created at the headquarters of Sto AG, one of the most important and innovative manufacturers of paints, coatings and ready-mix plasters, in Stühlingen/Weizen.

The former factory now consists of several individual areas, all of which fulfill different functions, and each of which is distinguished by its extraordinary design.

Conversion instead of new construction – giving rooms new life

The impressive landmarks of the Sto Infofactory are two formerly 21-meter-high lime kilns, built in 1897 and 1899 and shortened over the years to a height of 16 meters. The two lime kilns document the growth and strength of the company and, with external diameters of almost six meters, form an impressive entrance portal.

Oversized glass fronts in the facade behind the towers and in the extension give the Sto Infofactory the desired futuristic touch. They allow light and sun to penetrate deep into the interior spaces, ensuring that the color rendering of the Sto color coatings used is true to daylight.


A generously dimensioned showroom that impresses with its finely accentuated color scheme and spatial expressiveness

The entire interior is bathed in noble anthracite, the intensity of which increases from the entrance area to the rear exhibition area. This softly dark ambience supports the effect of the carefully selected Sto color applications in the individual areas. In the approximately 130m² entrance area, which is also used as an event space, the surfaces of the two mighty lime kilns are painted in a rich brick red.

Separate computer workstations have been set up for intensive technical discussions. The cafeteria, with its cool technical ambience and stimulatingly strong color accents, is ideal for relaxed small talk.

A multi-layered exhibition concept that inspires visitors

Material exhibits in a deliberately reduced color scheme flank the Sto material library on both sides. While one side of the room focuses on facade systems and sample structures, the other side focuses on colors, surfaces, structures, and plasters. Both libraries are based on an identical orientation system. Extendable boards and standing tables as storage options offer trade visitors the opportunity to delve deeper into the content. Daylight ensures precise color reproduction.

The final area is a room that reflects the entire creative and product potential of Sto AG over an area of around 300m². In order to highlight the individual themes individually, the exhibition system consists of U-shaped cubes of different sizes. Pure white dominates here, the sum of all colors.